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Baiting the sounder before placing the trap
After closing the gate, getting to location and dispatching the hogs
Closed the gate remotely with smart phone
Watching and waiting for the entire sounder before closing the gate
Watching and waiting for the entire sounder before closing the gate
​Feral hogs are a major nuisance that are destroying coveted habitat, game species, and hitting the landowner and hunter with monumental monetary loss each year. Conversely, the "hog problem" is not getting better, but worse.

Due to Jeff McNew's (Designer & President of Tusk Innovations animal trap) personal observations of how rampant the destruction has become, he has rolled out a hog trap that will catch them, hold them and let the landowner, lease holder or manager thin out the population once and for all.  

Tusk Innovations' personnel have worked closely with governmental agencies at both state and federal levels to ensure the final design is the 'best' and the entire sounder of resident hogs is taken care of.

The Tusk Innovations hog traps are built to work every time and last a lifetime. The framework is 1 1/2"-fourteen gauge square tubing with 6 gauge wire panels, all material is MIG welded and powder coated, unless specified otherwise. What makes our Trap different from the rest is the specifically designed trailer that allows the user to haul the trap to their problem areas with a minimum set up time of less than 20 minutes.

Take a few moments to look over the pictures on our website. We think you will agree that this Patent Pending Tusk Hog Trap is the answer you have been looking for. Contact us here on the web or at the numbers listed and ask where and when you can take a fist-hand look at this cutting edge Tusk Innovation Hog Trap for your solution to the feral hog problems.